Dear cheese importer!

Consumers love to know the story behind your products. To get a sense of authenticity with every bite of your cheese. We all know that the consumer experience is greater if the cheese itself is wrapped in a storytelling which creates vivid images of for instance the crispy fresh Alpine mountain air and morning dew on the grass, the warm breath and reassuring cosy sound of a cow in a stable or the understanding of how long the tradition behind a certain cheese actually is.

Your cheese. Your story.

What’s special about your product? The background, the production, the animals, the traditions? What makes it stand out on the Danish market compared to the local and other imported cheeses?

Your story is the foundation of your communication. I can help you identify the story and translate it into communication elements such as:

  • Sales material
  • Strategy and posts on social media
  • Branding websites
  • Product catalogues
  • Food fair presence
  • Cheese tastings and events
  • Press releases
  • Consumer campaigns
  • Recipes and serving suggestions
  • Photos and videos
  • And a lot more

Contact me

I would love to hear from you. Please contact me if you have a concrete project or challenge which needs some local attention. Or if you just want to know more about me and my work. My 20+ years of experience of marketing and communication within the cheese business makes any start up more smooth 🙂

Best regards,
Camilla Bojsen-Møller, cheese communicator